Steven Debrauwere


Why the in-house legal is not responsible for contracts

During this panel discussion, Steven Debrauwere defends Contractify's firm's belief that in-house legal professionals are not responsible for contracts.


Steven Debrauwere

After making administrative processes more efficient and value-adding at as a CFO at Anacura, Steven Debrauwere - together with Herlinde De Buck - decided to help businesses better manage their contracts as consultants. After helping their first customers as consultants, it became clear that there was a need for a tool to centralise and automate contract management. That’s when Steven and Herlinde translated their years of practical experience into a cloud-based contract management solution: Contractify. The user-friendly contract automation platform now provides everything an organisation needs to (re)gain a grip on its contracts. In 2022, the platform pioneered with AI by enriching its contract management with a unique AI contract data analyst called Ada. This artificial intelligence enrichment makes it possible to speed up the contract analysis process up to 3x times, making it one of the greatest additions to contract management in latest years. 


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