Menno Steur


Contract management: the bridge between Legal and Business!

When you say contract, you think 'legal agreements'. Are legal departments the only ones happy to get a modern contract management system to adequately manage contracts? No! Other departments will also benefit! During CMD2024, Menno Steur and Lonneke Goei (Spendlinq) will explain how Legal can build the bridge to both the business and procurement and how its role is changing from prescriptive to facilitating. They will also explain the importance of good contract administration and management for procurement and finance, based on their experience with their clients. In the process, they will also touch on some of the challenges you may encounter when implementing a contract management tool.


Menno Steur

As Director of Technology at Spendlinq, Menno Steur has a broad knowledge of technological developments and solutions within the Source to Pay domain. In his role, he assesses the applicability of (new) technology for our clients in the Source-to-Pay domain, including Contract Management. Menno has years of experience and expertise in various roles as product owner, implementation consultant, value consultant and pre-sales consultant at ABN AMRO, Bank Mendes Gans, CapGemini, Esize/Proactis and Spendlinq, among others.


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