Hans van Dam


Contracts & ESG: Why Contract Management is Crucial for ESG Compliance & Positive Progress

In a world where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have become paramount, contract management has a critical role to play in achieving ESG compliance and fostering positive progress. It's clear that the biggest impacts a company has, lie in their value chains. From carbon emissions and pollution to human rights, labor conditions, and fair wages. You can’t become more sustainable without addressing your supplier and customer interactions. The EU has realized this too and is rolling out a behemoth of new regulation focusing on the value chain. You''ve probably heard about acronyms such as CSRD, CSDDD, CBAM, and EUDR. In this talk we'll look at WHY contract management is crucial for compliance and positive impact, and more importantly HOW you can do this in a pragmatic way that works.


Hans van Dam

Hans leads the ESG Business Unit at Legile, and is a LinkedIn Top Corporate Sustainability Voice. He specializes in building sustainable business strategies and translating them into practical implementation roadmaps, starting from a thorough understanding of all new ESG legislation. His focus is always to make sustainability programs as pragmatic as possible, so they actually work. For the company, its customers and of course the society at large.


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