Cocky Brouwer

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Contract management wat levert het op en hoe implementeer je dit succesvol? Lessen uit de praktijk.

How do you invest in knowledge and skills and what is the financial investment? What does it deliver and what lessons can be learned in implementation? Cocky Brouwer shares her lessons learned from professionalising Contract Management at Schiphol Group. The ups and downs, but also the benefits for the organisation. A case study of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in its march towards mature contract management.


Cocky Brouwer

In 2019, Cocky Brouwer was appointed Head of Contract management at Procurement & Contracting of Royal Schiphol Group. Her assignment was to professionalise and redesign contract management for all procurement contracts of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

After working in sales and management in Commercial and Asset management, Cocky Brouwer started contract management within the Operations department in 2010. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's largest department, providing operational passenger services, which were largely outsourced in 2010.

In 2016, she led an innovative change programme for the Operations department, in which key airport services were reformed and re-tendered.

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