Anna Posthumus

Aclara Legal Design

Mini-Workshop Contract Design: from bookwork to business tool

What is a contract actually for? Take a designer's perspective and look at the users of a contract: can they understand it? Do contracts help them as a business tool? During this Contract Design Mini-Workshop, you will learn the basics of contract design and get to work on better, visual structures for contracts.


Anna Posthumus

Anna Posthumus Meyjes is a legal designer and founder of Aclara Legal Design. She applies creativity, design and a user-centred approach to the legal world. Anna helps improve the communication and usability of legal information. Aclara Legal Design makes inaccessible, complicated legal information clear, practical and user-friendly. Anna worked as a lawyer in an international litigation practice for more than ten years, including at law firm NautaDutilh. She specialised in liability, insurance and financial law. Designing and using explanatory visualisations became an increasingly important part of her communication and inspired her to start Aclara Legal Design.

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